Time on the books

Over the last 27 years, tens of thousands of man hours have been dedicated to research and development and our R&D is ongoing. ‘Innovation is not one of our business’s priorities, it is the highest priority. Without continual R&D we would not survive, let alone prosper.’  - Lance Stewart, Principal


Control Freak products are born out of a desire to perfect how we experience lighting and the need to make complex controls easy and intuitive to use, which only happens when we invest enormous amount of time and resources into research and development. The revolution in lighting with the advent of LED lighting, coupled with the interoperability of open protocols, has been disastrous for our competitors and their legacy technologies, but a boon for Control Freak solutions and our clients.

The Captain behind the wheel

Lance Stewart is the 'lighting control guru' that directs the team of Mechatronics and Electronics Engineers that together research and develop Control Freak solutions.

Starting his career as a lighting designer more than 30 years ago, Lance’s designs have been recognised by more than 16 lighting awards. “Designing projects led us to see important gaps in the market, so we made solutions to fill these gaps specifically for our projects. When people saw what we had achieved, we were asked time and again if we could supply these solutions for other projects. We eventually relented and what began as purely bespoke work has grown to become scalable lighting control solutions for just about any application. For more than a decade now it has been the entire focus of our operations, we all love what we do and take pride in every successful project brought to life by Control Freak products and solutions.”