Our Controls

Control Freak controls have been built upon a 27 year history within the lighting industry. Our controllers have been engineered in-house with the aim of creating flawless control of open protocol lighting controls, such as DALI and DMX.

Pictured left: Control Freak's ultra-reliable Constant Voltage Driver: SLAMMO


DALI to 0-10v Converter

The DALI 0-10v converter is the proven controller for 0-10v sink or source control via DALI. 

Click here to find out more about 0-10v controls with the Control Freak DALI 0-10v Controller. 

The famous UBi

UBi stands for the Universal Bus Interface for DALI and the small size and low cost of the patented Control Freak UBi belies its enormous value. At only 2 poles wide, it can split your DALI line into up to 6 branches, allow you onto the DALI line safely through banana jacks, warn you of over voltage (like 240VAC!) on the line, and provide quick and easy plug and play connectivity. Made in Australia and also available with an integral DALI power supply (UBi Power model).

Click here to find out why there should be one on every DALI line. 

Ethernet DALI Controller

The DIDIO series of controller just became more powerful, with the introduction of the Ethernet enabled 'eDIDIO' controller. You can now use your phone, tablet, PC or watch (yes, watch) to control your lights, address DALI devices, and much more. Want to randomly address the line with the press of a button? Or have buttons you can program and reprogram for different tasks? The Australian-made eDIDIO offers all this and much more.

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